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Aston-Simms is proud to be linked to these gardening sites. Visit them for the very best gardening experiences.

The National Council For The Conservation of Plants & Gardens
Responsible for governing Great Britain's National Plant Collections®, as well as making many of them accessible to the public. The NCCPG is an invaluable resource to gardeners & visitors to the UK alike. Visit their website to plan a garden trip if you are coming to the UK or for more information on the great work they do maintaining & promoting our plant heritage & securing its future. 

Thompson & Morgan Flower & Vegetable Seeds
Huge selection of quality flower, vegetable & herb seeds, including rare, award winning, exclusive varieties. Planting & growning information also available.

The Gardeners Resource
Everything for the gardener! Resources, information, directories, tools, calculators, products, articles, photos, video, community, web specials and more.

Angelgrove Tree Seeds
Quality tree seeds for flowering trees, Japanese trees, shade and native trees since 1993.

American Wildflower
Creative Gardening with Wildflowers & Bulbs for over 25 years.

Bougainvillea Growers International
The nation's largest Bougainvillea grower offering Bougainvillea bush, trellis, trees, hanging baskets, & bonsai.

Dave's Garden
Perhaps one of the biggest & best resources available to the American gardener. Whether you are looking for garden requisites or unusual plants you will find the right supplier in their search areas. Dave's Garden is also full of useful information on all your garden questions from propogation to pest control.
This superb directory lists florists & flower companies by location and by serve. Perfect if you need to flowers across the country or even abroad.

English Garden Emporium
For the garden in your life, and the life in your garden.

Everwilde Farms
Grow a garden beyond your wildest dreams!  Obtain rare wildflower seeds directly from Everwilde Farms.

Heirloom Acres Seeds
The ultimate resource for heirloom and open-pollinated seeds, organic fertilizers, gardening supplies, and books.

Heirloom Tomatoes
Over 80 varieties of great organically grown Heirloom Tomato seeds. Heirloom tomatoes just can't be beat for their outstanding flavor and the beauty they add to recipes and dishes with their many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Our website offers a list of over 80 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, growing tips, gardening links, and seed saving information.

Logee's Tropical Container Plants
Growers since 1892, Logee's is your ultimate destination for tropical container plants when it comes to your home & garden. Beautiful & unusual species from a grower you can be confident in.

New York Garden Magazine
A new & exciting magazine targeted towards gardeners in & around New York State. In depth articles & beautiful photography make this a coffee table publication that is destined to become a benchmark for other publications.

Sow Organic Seeds
One of the best collections of certified organic, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-gmo garden seeds along with credible science and information.

An exceptional showcase for the photography of Brian Grandfield & a remarkable source for beautiful botanical prints. Twenty percent of all sales is dontaed to UNICEF & The World Wildlife Fund.

Aston-Simms can not vouch for product quality or shopping experience when visiting associate sites. Because we care about your on-line shopping experience if you have positive or negative comments about any of our partners please e-mail us at:

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